How to live a life you can’t afford

We all like nice things. We especially like nice things when they’re free or cost less than what our friends pay for them. Buying a new dress is fantastic, but getting it for way below what you expected is even better. Life is full of little things we want, but don’t really need and can barely afford. It’s the little things that make us happy and brighten up our day. Unfortunately, given the current economic climate (if anyone’s playing recession bingo, tick that little cliché off your list), a lot of people can barely afford the big things, let along the little things. If you’re anything like me, there’s a large gap between your taste and your budget. I have the misfortune of being cursed with the tastes of a millionaire and the budget of a student. This blog is about getting life’s little luxuries- as well as some big ones- for less or for free. It is about becoming one of those people everyone would describe as “lucky” but who secretly knows they’re just opportunistic. It’s about never having to pay full price for the things you want. It’s about living the good life on a shoestring budget.

This blog will be a place to find out about the latest deals and bargains, as well as freebies and competitions. In the links section on the right hand side is a collection of some of my favourite sites for discounts and competitions. From I have won cinema tickets, from Boards Deals I have gotten a voucher for €50 worth of food for €25. From Student Cents I won a Pat the Baker t-shirt (ok so it only ever gets worn as pyjamas or at the gym, but the feeling of an email pinging into your inbox and saying “you have won…” is almost exciting as prizes themselves!). The links section is a little goldmine of resources, so check it out!

Keep an eye on this blog for more posts about brightening your day with little treats and living the life you want on the budget you have.


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